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I don't know if I posted here all ready sorry If I did :/

Name: Jak
Age: 17
Loc: Stockton, North East England
Gender: Male
Sexual Preferance: Straight

1. List at least 10 bands you listen to:alexisonfire from autumn to ashes, everytime i die, the bled, boys night out, johnny truant, converge, poison the well, send more paramedics, sikth, my chemical romance, break it up, after school knife fight, walls of jericho, american nightmare.
just a few :P

2. Last show you've been to: walls of jericho

3. One INTERESTING fact about you: I can touch my nose with my tounge how lame is that for interesting :/

4. On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate yourself: 6

5. Who invited you / Where did you hear about us?: erm I think some one posted on my lj not sure

6. Promote us to one community [link]: http://www.livejournal.com/community/makemecream/

7. Post at least 4 pictures of youself where we can see your face.

be gentle with me

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